Most important task is to take care of yourself by making the most pleasent day for you and the people around you. The farmowners also have jobs outside the farm, so the volunteers have to be able to work independently and take responsibility of the daily tasks. 


  • feeding animals (rabbits, hens, ducks, dog, bees)
  • Cleaning the cages of rabbits, changing bedding of the animals stay in the stable or barn.
  • Slaughtering small animals (autumn)
  • Incubating eggs.


  • Cleaning bee frames
  • Checking the bee boxes
  • Feeding bees
  • Collecting honey filled bee frames (Autumn)
  • Centrifuging and extracting honey
  • Whipping and bottleing bee honey

Crop production

  • indoor seeding vegetables
  • land preparation greenhouse
  • land preparation organic  vegetable demonstration garden
  • composting vegetable garden
  • transplanting seedlings
  • crop planning
  • trasplanting the vegetable seedlings in the green house and the gardens
  • watering plants
  • weeding
  • tomato tipping
  • liquid fertilizing
  • composting green house
  • mulching
  • garden structures
  • harvesting


Fire wood production

  • Forest work in the winter taking in timber
  • Chopping firewood



  • On farm in the farm shop
  • Farmers market, cultural days in the surrounding village


Waste management and aesthetic value

  • Recycle kitchen waste, plasic , paper, glass, metal etc.
  • Cleaning – keep in order of the garden tools, cloth, cabins, kitchen, living room, garage,
  • Assisting the cleanliness in the farm landscape.
  • Cleaning the barn and stable block collect the winter bedding and drive them to the compost yard for making compost for vegetables and grains.
  • Cottage maintanence



  • Cleanning tractors, mechinary for spring time ploughing
  • Grass cutting in the summer with the tractor
  • Grass drying with the tractor in the summer



  • Entertaining visiters that comes to the farm.
  • On farm and off farm marketing,
  • Attending the cultural events in the village. (ex national day, cultural days).



(Given according to the requests of the participants)

Participants are also requested to share their knowledge and skills with others in the farm

Orientation (vision of the farm, introduction to organic farming, activites throughout the year)

  • Composting, liquid fertilizing
  • Crop planning and rotation
  • Mulchingand green manuaring
  • Organic pest and desease control
  • Onfarm marketting products
  • Food processing; mint juice, pine syrup, jam, tea, dried vegetables
  • Bee keeping.
  • Incubation , brooding of eggs
  • Psychology
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Clutter clearing
  • Seminars given by the participants


Leasure activities

  • Winter fishing
  • Skating (winter)
  • Skiing (winter)
  • Grilling
  • Forest walks
  • Photography
  • Films, videos, indoor games
  • Music, painting
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Canoing
  • Sleeping in the wilderness
  • Yoga meditation
  • Cycling
  • Indoor climbing
  • Reading books
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Wool products
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